Lost internet Connection

Internet wireless network


here is a screen-shot of my system. After entering the key my wireless network “Wittenberg” is recognized and the first two dots are blue,
yet the status of the Internet is: wlan0 (no internet).

What is next?

Hi. Could you please provide logs:

I’m no networking expert but your IP addresses look very odd. Doesn’t Wittenburg have a DHCP server?

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169x is private IP. That’s why he has no connectivity.


Avahi/zeroconf can assign 169.254 addresses. We’ve seen it before on this forum. https://paste.osmc.tv/eburopovip The gateway address is certainly odd.

My wireless network does have a DHCP server:3VszS2EyzDFA

and the connection from LibreELEC is shown in the table of wireless connections:

For security i have curtailed the MAC addresses in both images.

We need to see logs please.