Lots of SQL queries even when "idle"?

Was looking at why my MySQL service seemed so busy and turned on debug logging in Kodi and with the system seemingly not doing anything and with the default skin there are constant queries like this one:

SELECT songview.*, songartistview.* FROM songview JOIN songartistview ON songartistview.idsong = songview.idsong  WHERE (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM song_artist WHERE song_artist.idSong = songview.idSong AND song_artist.idArtist = 297  AND song_artist.idRole = 1 ) OR EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM album_artist WHERE album_artist.idAlbum = songview.idAlbum AND album_artist.idArtist = 297)) ORDER BY songartistview.idsong, songartistview.idRole, songartistview.iOrder

18:39:35.512 T:1199043568   DEBUG: GetArtistsByWhere query: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT artistview.idArtist) FROM artistview  WHERE ((EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM song_artist WHERE song_artist.idArtist = artistview.idArtist AND song_artist.idRole = 1) OR EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM album_artist WHERE album_artist.idArtist = artistview.idArtist)) AND (artistview.strArtist != '')) AND (artistview.strArtist <> 'Various artists')

18:42:25.137 T:1469023216   DEBUG: RunQuery took 23 ms for 1 items query: select * from movie_view  WHERE movie_view.idSet = 52

Why is Kodi doing this? The log is full of similar queries.

Is it “Skin Widgets”?

It also seems busy connecting out and downloading files:

18:52:49.186 T:1726583792   DEBUG: Fast Caching image 'http://assets.fanart.tv/fanart/music/8229a8f1-b315-4fae-af57-b3eb71efdaf4/artistbackground/carbon-based-lifeforms-50dd981a6f9e3.jpg' to '2/26434a18.jpg': 0x4e3ea58

18:43:15.369 T:1749636080   DEBUG: Skin Widgets: Total time needed to request random queries: 0:00:27.367645


Most likely, yes.

Thanks, I’ve removed it. Not sure where it came from but I was able to remove. Perhaps the OSMC skin uses it.

It still seems to be busy fetching artwork from external sources though and I don’t believe I’ve set anything like that.