Loud Static/White Noise

Hi guys,
I hope everyone is keeping well!

A few times in about the past three months, the Vero 4k+ has been randomly producing loud static noise, 50% in volume/loudness. No pattern to their occurrence, appearing about 1-2 times every three weeks.

A couple of times the sound was produced was through the TV speakers
Another time was through the amplifier and I think another time was through the BT headphones

The logs can be found at:

A MP4 of the sound:

The setup of the audio system is as follows:

  • For listening without an amp
    Audio through HDMI utilising the TV’s speakers

  • For listening utilising the amps speakers
    Optical audio

  • For listening using wired headphones
    3.5mm plugged into the TV’s audio jack

  • For listening using BT audio
    BT Headphones, Bose QC35

Many thanks in advance for any advice given. :slight_smile:

Can you make that public?

I would suggest reinstalling OSMC. If that doesn’t fix it we would need to know:

  • Does this happen when nothing is playing?
  • Does it happen when you start playing something and stop when you stop or does it occur randomly when you are in the middle of something?
  • Does the log include one of these events?

Oh ops, sorry my mistake. Updated link below:

I think most of the times the sound appaired while playing media. I wouldn’t really know where to look in the logs, sorry.

If I reinstall OSMC, I would have to reinstall all the app-ons, do all the settings and everything from scratch, or is there a way to backup everything like the library, scraper info, autofts, settings, customisations and everything else?

Let me re-phrase that “When did you record that video and have you re-booted the Vero since?”

Do-oh! the recording time is in the title. Ignore me.

Most of that (ie anything that’s accessed through Kodi) can be selected in the My OSMC backup settings.

For autofs, I just cp -r /etc/auto* <somewhere_safe> then copy them back after installing autofs and then systemctl restart autofs.

I see you have a few things you would need to reinstall - samba, ftp, bluez-alsa. Could be a PITA. Maybe if we can get a video of that noise taken while a log is in progress and before you re-boot we have a chance of sorting it out.