Low volume on Voice in Movies

While watching TV eps, the volumes are fine for music/voice in the tv eps.

When watching movies, the music in the movie is a reasonable volume, but the voice is not able to be heard, ive tried 1080p and 720p versions of the same.

They play on my PC with no issues at all using MPC (media player classic)…

Has anyone come across this before and have a fix…?


Enable Boost Center Channel on downmix

and where do i find that?

In Kodi audio settings

ok, fixed it. i went through all the audio settings, but the only thing that fixed it was changed the audio output from 5.1 to 2.1… made it heaps better. not sure why.

Do you have 5.1 channels?
If not, then 2.1 is a better option if not using passthrough.

Have you got a 5.1 setup? If you don’t then the sound is being passed to a channel that you don’t have speakers for which is why it is quiet because the sound will be around you rather than in front like 2.1.

i have 5.1. but no matter what i have any settings on, it is super quiet unless its on 2.1… wierd.

Do you have a file that you get this on? I get it on some movies but not all and I’ve got a (virtual) 7.1 setup.

basically ALL movies, not tv eps though.