Lower resolution videos jagged edged when motion occurs

I searched but couldn’t find this mentioned.

All of my 1080 videos appear to play fine. However, my older TV shows that are 480p seem to have an issue with motion. They get all jagged edged. Is this a known issue? I’m a relatively tech savvy person but a total n00b with configuring a Raspberry Pi. I just installed Alpha 4 on the RasPi 2B.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Click this pic

Yeah, I know what the picture quality should look like but this isn’t normal. I’m wondering if it’s a codec issue?? This is what it’s looking like for me, though:

That would be a de-interlacing problem.

When the video is playing enter the video options and try different de-interlacing methods.

Ok, thanks for the info! I’ll play around with those settings & see if it helps.