LPCM from MakeMKV playback?

A quick question really. My Mede8er box won’t playback the LPCM track from a disc BR disc ripped with MakeMKV.

Does Vero 4K recognise and playback these tracks?


The Vero 4K can output up to 7.1 LPCM if your receiver supports it, yes.

It was decoding it as the mede8er can output no problem, for some reason the format the LPCM headers have when coming from MKV don’t work so it was this aspect I wanted to confirm. I believe I found a comment for Kodi with someone saying it could recognise and correctly decode it but I wanted to confirm this. I’ll get OSMC installed on a RPi to check it recognises it first.

PCM is PCM – so it should be just fine.