Lucky Vero4K+ winner!

I’ve been using OSMC since it was RaspBMC for the RPi alone.
I was the very lucky winner of the Vero4K+, so I am now ext lucky enough to see the full evolution of the efforts put in by @sam_nazarko (&Co.) over the last few years.

This Vero4K+ will be replacing my Raspberry Pi (1) Type B Rev.2.
Here’s a photos of the old bugger (which is actually being powered off my router’s USB port):

Here’s a few photos of my shiny new Vero4K+ (the amount of photos doesn’t even cover my amount of excitement):

Now unfortunately, I find myself in a situation where I currently don’t have a television, as I’ve moved recently to the US for my wife’s post-doc. This doesn’t mean I can’t harness the Vero’s capabilities however. OSMC being a fully fledged Debian and me being a heavy linux user, I can still get a lot out of it (as I do with my RPi currently). This means the Vero now sits on the floor under my chest of drawers as the power cable is a wee bit to short to put it on top (I don’t want to leave it on top of the heater where I took those photos).

I’ve installed aml-vnc and setting it as a systemd service so I can configure the UI the way I like it (for when I hopefully get a TV). The range on the remote is pretty amazing, it works from 2 rooms over (distance between Vero and my laptop). This setup allowed me to configure Wi-Fi, my library, and anything else, really.

I currently watch my content by copying the download link of my content from Chorus into VLC. I hope to use the Vero to reencode my content with embedded subtitles (deferred,not live) so I can just stream directly through Chorus.


I’m glad you’ve now got the prize!

Hopefully you’ll have a TV soon so you can actually use the device.



Can I ask?
How did you install aml-vnc on Vero 4K +? Can you give installation instructions? Thank you!

Pretty much the way indicated if you search the forum:

sudo apt install libvncserver1
sudo wget  -O /usr/bin/aml-vnc
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/aml-vnc

Then you connect on port 5900.
Please note you won’t actually be able to watch videos doing this.

Thank you very much, it works !

Holy necro, Batman!

Two and a half years later, one continent away later, and a year on the housing market later, my Vero 4K+ finally knows what a HDMI cable looks like.

My OSMC install was over a year old but upgrading was seamless.

Time to finally consume some media.

EDIT: I decided to go for the development branch with Kodi 19.1 because the latest F1TV addon requires it. All working nicely now.