LUT support?

Hi, new user here, currently waiting for my Vero4K to ship.
I was trying to find a manual or something, but no luck so I’ll ask here:

is there a way for loading LUTs to the Vero’s output?
I’m looking to use a LUT that I created when calibrating my TV.


I am not sure but would doubt that the Vero4k without the use of x-server or any LUT aware applications would support this.

See 4K HDR videos too dark on non HDR TV - #18 by sam_nazarko

thanks @sam_nazarko
if I understand correctly on that thread you are referring to a conversion LUT between 709 and 2020, is that correct?

  • can I load new LUTs?
  • is there a way to tell the LUT it has to convert all the outputs and not just the conversion between SDR and HDR?
  • what format of LUTs are accepted?
  • is there an easy way to load LUTs? is there a GUI for that or just command line? (I’m new to OSMC system)

this looks very promising, keep up the great work!

You can’t load custom profiles at the moment unless you rebuild the kernel. Even then, I think it would take significant trial and error to get something that looks good.

The idea is to establish some predefined profiles and let users switch between them at a later date via the gui.

when you say “custom profiles” you mean LUTs?
excuse my ignorance, but if you are going to include and load some of the conversion LUTs, what’s the difference in letting the user load its own?

It would require quite a lot of changes to support custom LUTs to be loaded from user space.

I suspect most users would never use this feature.

A better option might be to allow users to submit some which we include as potential options via the GUI.

the point of using custom LUTs is that they are individually calibrated to each TV.
so what you’re saying would be right only for conversion LUTs or some kind of matrix that compensates e.g. for wrong output values and so on.

I would say that adding the custom LUT option would make the VERO highly desired to all the people who want a solid and fast way of calibrating their setups. maybe think about it? or launch a poll? :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I just ordered my Vero 4k. It looks great, but supporting a calibration LUT would be just great. I can get the calbration in my TV pretty decent using the TV controls, but a 3D LUT would make it perfect.

I have a 2nd multimedia system built from archlinux. Here kodi uses the XServer.
There, I am able to load my own LUTs with the minimal tool xcalib.

With my raspberry I fail, as kodi-standalone does not seem to use XServer.
Can I change osmc to use a XServer?
Would this approach be feasible?

Not within Kodi. You can install the XServer separately but would need to stop Kodi to start it. And it would not have Video Acceleration

Thanks that would be a bummer.
Do you know, where this (severe) limitation comes?
In the other PC I mentioned (x86 architecutre) I got Xserver and kodi with video acceleration.

It would come from the combination of the lower CPU power of these devices and therefore the optimized approached that OSMC has taken to provide a performant user experience

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