Mac installer, stuck?

It’s been like this about 30 minutes.
I’ve also tried 2 different SD-cards and no difference.

Trying to install on Raspberry Pi.

Can you upload the installer log?

It didn’t work with the file uploader , so i uploaded it on drive. is generally the best choice.

I’ll have a look at this.

I’m going to add some additional logging to the installer. In the meantime, can you please check if you find a “dd” process running (using “ps” on the command line or any processviewer) while it is stuck?

Nope, i don’t see any “dd”

did you look for processes of all users? dd is started via osascript as administrator, you should have gotten a “Enter your password” window before the write process started.

It’s on all users, don’t see any “dd”
I haven’t seen any “Enter your password” anywhere, anytime either.

Ok, that’s even more strange. Are you running the installer as root?

I don’t know, not really good with macs.
I just installed Raspbmc for now.