Make Brightness/Contrast sliders less sensitive

A couple of months ago the ability to adjust the Brightness and Contrast on the Vero 4k was added, which I was/am very excited to have.

However, just going from 50 brightness to 49 on the Vero is a pretty huge change. For the same brightness difference, I’d have to lower my OLED’s brightness from 50 to about 46.

Unfortunately there’s no way to set 49.5 … Is there any way you can change the slider’s value translations to half of what it does now? So setting it to 48 would be what is now 49, essentially making the slider half as sensitive as it is now.

Yes. To get a brightness range similar to what you get on Windows, and comparing on two HD screens, we would have to divide by about 4, so the slider would cover the existing range of about 38-62. People who have made video-specific adjustments already would have to do some work with SQL so it might not be very popular.

Contrast range seems to be sensible. Do you agree?

4 sounds a bit too much maybe. For me personally 2 would be perfect. Maybe this can be a like a multiplier setting in the advancedsettings.xml file or something which defaults to “1.0”? This way people who have previously done adjustments get to keep theirs and I can just change it to “0.5” …

I have never touched Contrast as it is much more difficult to tell when contrast isn’t set up correctly. But from what I can tell it seems to be sensitive enough as it is right now.

I think it will be too confusing and unnecessary to make it user-configurable. Changing the multiplier to a new fixed value is simple for us to do so I’ll give it a go - are you on Krypton or Leia?

I’m on the latest stable Krypton release for my Vero 4k (I think “December 2018”).