Making a image

Hello, do some of you know how making a image of one of my Vero 4K to install it on my second one ? (i want to copy all the system (Kodi18.9 + transparency + MVC 3D update))…

Many thanks for you help


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Some have this knowledge to make a Vero4K disk image ??

Is there a SD card in this box ?

It is not recommend to do a full image, use the MyOSMC Backup option instead.

No, the Vero doesn’t use a SD Card for it’s OS Storage but a emmc.
It has a SD Card Reader for recovery or media exchange but not for the OS.

It’s not recommended why ? You asked me on another post to do this for downgrade with one of this image : Download - OSMC

But in fact the november image (with kodi 18.9) isn’t working with blueray 3D MVC…

So i would like (once only) to copy the image from my working Vero to my other Vero …

Could you tell me how doing that please (Backup is partial, i need image in that case …)

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This is about using the installer to install a prepared image.

This can not be done manually due to the complexity of the partition structure.

ok thanks Zinken, i’m sorry to insiste but it’s the only way for me to copy from one Vero to other. So have you (in MP if you want) any solution to do that ?



No I don’t have any solution than just installing the same Kodi version that your Vero is running and then use the MyOSMC Backup.
what do you think is missing from the MyOSMC Backup?

I have doing that BUT to read MVC 3D file i’m obliger to install that ( [TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K + - Testing - OSMC Forums) as mentioned by Sam.

BUT when i install it, it migrate know, it migrate to Matrix Kodi …

So i have no solution else to copy a right image. (witch is on my other Vero 4K+ box…)…

Anything i’m doing wrong ??

Thanks a lot

I am lost here, what is the Kodi version of your “right image”?

I think he wants to get 3D playback with Kodi v18 - so presumably he wants the 4.9 kernel test build prior to the introduction of Kodi 19.

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Yes it’s exactly that, i want a Kodi 18 WITH the MVC 3D correction bug (it’s not the case in the Download - OSMC image of november)…

Any idea ?

I don’t know about Vero, but any Unix system can be cloned using almost any tool that can copy bits from A —> B. You can use a special tool, cp, cat, simple redirection, dd, ddrescue, whatever.

However, when doing this cloning, there are repercussions, especially for Linux-based versions of Unix that use UUIDs to differentiate mounts of different storage areas. If you don’t understand what this means, then you shouldn’t use a bit-for-bit clone unless you expect to never have the storage connected to any other system.

You’ll also need to be prepared to fix the any boot issues or other storage issues that come with the /etc/fstab. You’ll almost certainly want to change the hostname and DNS/DHCP stuff too. If the clone is only to be used to put things back on exactly the same system, then that is all fine.

I’m not a fan of cloning as a backup method. To get a clean clone, the file system needs to be quiesced completely. Any open files can lead to corrupt images/clones. Beware. To make a clean cloned image, boot from some flash storage and use any of those bit-for-bit copy tools.

Or learn to use a real backup tool. There are many of them. I don’t backup my OSMC system completely, but I do backup these directories:

  1. /boot/
  2. /etc/
  3. /home/

To restore, /home can get everything restored from the backup. /etc/ and /boot/ need selected files restored, not everything.

Updated my OSMC a few weeks ago (apt update/full-upgrade) and found it less than satisfying so moved back. Restored as specified above.

Tar is NOT a good backup choice BTW. With small installs, it isn’t THAT bad, but it would be better to use a real backup tool that supports versioned backups and only takes 20 seconds for each new version to backup.