Making Sure I Understand Everything


I just recently came across an ATV1 and theres not a gadget I own that I haven’t hacked. So I want to make sure I have read everything correctly.

What I’ve gathered:
Can hack Apple TV OS with aTV Flash - most apps are out of date and not useful - (XBMC v11)
Can install a linux distro - OSMC/OpenELEC/aTV Flash (Kodi) - (Kodi v17.x/XBMC v13.2/Kodi v15.2)
CyrstalHD doesn’t work on v17.x, so use the January (v16.x) build
If CrystalHD is installed there is no wifi
OSMC v16.x seems to be the best option?

Can I insert a cheap USB 2.0 hub and add the WiFi/Bluetooth adapters from the OSMC store for full support?
If I install the USB build of OSMC, can I leave it plugged in and boot to the normal Apple TV OS?
If no, is there a way to dual boot the drive, as I don’t want to lose the original OS
Do the Wifi/CrystalHD adapters work in Apple TV OS?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the hard work that I found 10 years later :stuck_out_tongue:

How about rather than investing in old obsolete technology you get up to date and supported properly? A Vero 4K or a Raspberry Pi 3 would be a much wiser investment in my opinion.

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As much as I appreciate the time you took to reply, it was; unfortunately, not related to the questions at hand. If you know any of the other answers to the questions please advise, if not; thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

You’ll need a good powered hub, but yes.

Yes OSMC will boot from usb and won’t touch HDD.

Yes to both. You need a Jarvis build for CHD

Thanks for the help Sam, will OSMC always boot with it plugged in, or will I get an option to boot to either OSMC or Apple’s OS?

Ans I’m not sure I follow your last answer, why would a Jarvis build matter for Apple’s OS?


It will always boot OSMC.

CrystalHD support was removed from Kodi Krypton.

Yep, I understand that (1st post). But if OSMC doesn’t run as an app in Apple’s OS (You have to boot to it), that shouldn’t make a difference to Apple’s OS, right?

So does CrystalHD/The WiFi adapter work in Apple’s OS (I understand it works in v16 of OSMC, not v17)?

Thanks for all the help.

CrystalHD was abandoned in Kodi v14.x on aTV OS.
That’s why people use OSMC.

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Understood. Thanks for all the hep :slight_smile: