Making your updates faster

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OSMC uses the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) system to deliver all of its system updates. This is a highly proven system and has been used for years by the widely popular Ubuntu and Debian Linux distributions. We’re already seeing that this system is a lot more reliable than the update system that was employed in…

Compared to Raspmc the update process seems much smother so far. Congrats looking forward to app store expansion.

Small suggestions

Polish the dialog sometimes it feels unresponsive that its found a update or is updating. Maybe a dialog if a reboot is required. Maybe fixed now not sure.

We should already be offering a dialog when an update requires a reboot

Agreed about GUI responsiveness


Thanks for improving the update section. Would like a daily scan for the updates at night but up till now that part was not working for me (Raspberry Pi 1). Read that there was a fix for that too in one of the posts. Is that fix active as of today too?

Automatic checking for updates was fixed a few weeks ago in our internal test version but hasn’t been pushed to users yet. The main reason why is that in the meantime a lot of other changes have been made to the OSMC settings addon including new features, and those changes and features need proper testing before release. Shouldn’t be too much longer though.

there’s huge delay between progress bar and the dialog “not update available”. was that fixed to ?
It takes 30 to 60s to the dialog appears after the progress bar in the top right corner closes.

On what platform ? For a Pi 1 that’s about normal…

will record a video when I get home
Internet is fast. 50mb link

It’s just the overheads of doing the update scanning and processing in python unfortunately. (Python is slow) We’re looking at ways of offloading as much of that work from python as possible to speed it up a bit.

where is this python code in github? can I take a look?

Always nice to get the updates faster!!!

I am sure you can find this :wink: