Manual for the OSMC Default Skin

Is there a guide available for configuring the default OSMC skin? I would like to gain a better understanding on how to customize some of my skin settings.

For example, to stream a movie (mp4) from my Mac’s SMB wifi connection to the Vero, I currently drill down in the OSMC skin’s “Videos > Files >Mac Folder > ETC” in order to play the video. Is it possible to set up a more direct path from the OSMC skin’s main menu.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Why don’t you just setup a library? That’s how Kodi is really designed to be used.

If I set up a library on the Vero/Kodi skin, does the Vero just catalog the contents of my Mac’s video storage, or does it actually transfer the mp4 files from the Mac to the Vero. I only want to stream these files from my Mac.

The library does not move any files. It just makes them easy to access.

More information here: Video library - Official Kodi Wiki

Thanks. I will give it a try.

Besides the usage of the library function you also could use the favourite features on those items which either are shown under favourites or you can directly create menu items from them.

This is actually still on my list of to-dos. But haven’t found the time to setup a wiki entry for our skin - which would include a guide for this as well. At the moment, every minute that I can spare still goes into improving the skin itself.

But we’re here to answer questions before that. :wink: You can add basically any path as a new home menu entry or a widget to a home menu entry via Settings/Interface/Skin/- Configure skin…/Home/Customise home menu. Have a look into that, if that’s what you’re looking for and feel free to ask, if you run into trouble. :+1:t2:

Hello Chillbo,
Your suggestion resolved my question. I was able to configure the home screen to include direct paths to my Mac’s video and music files. And I will look forward to your possible wiki posting for the OSMC skin.

I have some other configuration questions that I will post as new topics.

Thanks again for everyone’s suggestions.