Manual re-image reinstall OSMC Vero using Chromebook


Looking for some guidance on reinstalling / re-image OSMC using Chromebook


Figured it out…most of the steps below

Take out the micro-SD from Vero

Set your chromebook to developer mode:
Make sure no usb drives/sd card in chromebook
Press: ESC-Reload-Power
warning screen…ignore
Press “Ctrl-d”
Follow instructions to enter dev mode - if unsure of next step or no instructions, press “Ctrl-d” again

When chromebook boots up either press space bar as instructed to return to normal, or “Ctrl-d” to enter dev mode

sign in etc,
Go to OSMC download for usb-drive image:

Download the latest Vero
Open Files app to view zipped file
Select file…top right of the Files app should be the word “OPEN”
Click that…zip file is unzipped to Downloads folder

When done, press:
Ctrl-Alt-T to open console

Insert the Vero micro-SD into a SDcard adaptor and plug into chromebook
You’ll see 2 new USB drives in Files app
in the console, type:
now, I’m no sure why, but I read I needed to use fdisk but it didn’t work in shell, finally tried in sudo bash and it worked, so:
sudo bash
this is an admin access I think
then type:
fdisk -l
that’s small L
this will list your drives
I found the microSD at the bottom listed as “/dev/sdc1” and “/dev/sdc2”
These are names you’ll need shortly - yours may be different
I confirmed they were the microSD by pulling it out of the chrombook, running fdisk -l again and seeing what changed :slight_smile:

then I typed
to go back to shell
then type:
cd Downloads
This takes you to your Downloads folder where your “*.img” file should be for Vero
Now type this - it extracts the img file to the usb & also formats the lot
sudo dd if=filename.img of=/dev/sdc
exchange “filename” for your img filename & sdc for your usb drive location…ignore the “1” or “2” - took me a while to get this bit!

Will take a few minutes - hopefullly you’ll see a pop-up saying formatting drive…good stuff, it’s working

When done, close shell window
eject microSD drive and stick it back in your Vero…and restart
Hey-presto, re-install complete

Msg me for help if this loooooooong description isn’t clear




I’m glad you got it going. Chromebook doesn’t have an OSMC installer build for it, so you do indeed need to unzip and dd the image manually. The reason you are ignoring “1” or “2” is because these are individual partitions, and you want to write the OSMC image to the SD itself (the installer handles partitioning).