Manual restore cannot browse to location


I have a RPi2 running the latest version of OSMC. I successfully backed up my settings before a recent reinstall. I can browse and set my backup location in the menu system relating to backups, but when I try and restore the backup it does not allow me to browse network locations, and doesn’t automatically pick up the directory I set previously.

Any ideas?



I think this is a Kodi limitation


So how is one supposed to restore a backup?

Bring the backup to a locally accessible share /path or mount the network share via fstab

Did you try adding the location in the file manager?

Before doing a restore add your location to the backup location as if you were configuring backups - this location will then be the default choice in the restore dialog.

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the Kodi file location dialogues - there are different dialogue types that can be used in preferences and scripted, and they don’t both allow the same types of browsing.