Manual update to kodi /image?

I’m very new to this but have tried to update my atv xbmc gotham to kodi , I have coutless hours involved and although I didn’t want to give up I am in way over my head , I was hoping I could get a copy of kodi from somebody so I could just clone it . Is this a possiabilty or am I again just showing how clueless I am , I hear a new installer is coming but also hear a lot of talk that atv1 is dead , I would hate to give up on my atv1 we have been thru a lot together saying goodbye hmm I think I might actualy cry : ) . Oh and I would be happy to pay for the image ,
Thank You

Hi kram

The Apple TV image for OSMC is not far away. I would recommend you wait for that for Kodi


Great !
We appreciate all the work that goes into making that possiable .
Thank You !

Sam. Thanks alot for all your effort to get OSMC on Apple TV 1. I am very happy to use it again…hope you give us a surprise soon… :smiley:

I have been trying to donate via PayPal from link on OSMC website and It doesn’t appear to be working .
Just wanted to do what I can do to help , Can I get a address to use via PayPal .
Thank You

It is, but can you provide a screenshot of how it doesn’t work?


While everyone waits for Sam and OSMC, some of us have been running Kodi Helix or Isengard since early January…

Kodi 14.2 Helix Final…

Kodi 15 Isengard Alpha2


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That’s great, but you’re aware that most of us clamouring for an installer for OSMC are doing so because the Crystalubuntu site and files are gone, yeah? So, while it’s super cool that you’ve been able to do that, your post here is pretty much a massive middle finger to us stuck with openelec (the one thing we CAN install) for the time being.

RC3 will come shortly and I will put some news up on how AppleTV is doing. I have exams until 28th May now, so can’t do much for the next few days, but we’re getting there. Filesystem is done, kernel is done. The only decision to make now is 3.x and NVIDIA legacy driver OR 4.x and Nouveau driver. I imagine it will take some testing to determine if the Nouveau driver is suitable enough. It would be good if it was because i’d like to stay on a modern kernel.



Thanks Sam, your work (and the work of everyone/anyone else involved) is hugely appreciated.

Hi. I just updated the donation widget. It should work better now. Can you try again?

Yes I will try to provide screen shot .
It says must be in this format
so I tried 10$ or 10.00 , 10.00$
Its very possible I’m just not doing it right .
Will send S shot this weekend

It is now properly fixed and will tell you if you have entered it wrong. We don’t need a screenshot now.
It will only allow digits from now on and you don’t need to type $. You just press the “USD” button.