Many files are missing since the update


Ever since the latest update, my library is missing several files. For instance I’ve 169 episodes of Big bang theory. The Title view shows this but when I enter inside this, there are no files visible.

However I’m able to view all these files/ play from Videos -> Files.

Not sure what’s missing. I don’t know if it is directly related to the update, but I’m noticing this issue since yesterday. Am I missing something here? Please help.

I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry PI B+, and on Mimic Skin.

Do you have Hide Watched checked? It’s in the left pull out/blade menu

No, Also this is happening for Shows that I’ve not yet watched/marked as watched

For me, all my sonarr installation files disappear…
The problem is that sonarr repository contains a specific version of mono and this create a comflic with the version in jessie. All this clash create unmet dependencies during the upgrade and causes unmet dependencies if you try to upgrade.
So OSMC tried to updrage it, finds it can’t… so it removes all broken packages, an all packages and files that use these packages, including my sonarr installation…

Where was your files stored ? Do you install some extras packages on your OSMC ?

If you are adding another repo that is not properly compatible with Debian Jessie, once you have installed the software from it, you should remove the repo again, otherwise you risk these kinds of issues when trying to update.

Removing the repo will not remove the software installed from that repo, but will prevent it from finding any updates to that software that would cause problems during an upgrade.

Here is my story related to Sonarr :

Sorry about the late reply. My files are stored in my external hard drives. I was able to fix this issue by removing all the sources and re-indexing them again. Even then it was not detecting my documentaries.

For example, I’ve all 10 episodes of Planet Earth. It detected the show, but if you go inside the Show it’s empty. However, I was able to play them from the Files view.

And, the original issue recurred yesterday. Suddenly, my Friends show disappeared from the TV show list. I’m still able to see them under the files list. Even updating the library is not helping. Also in certain shows It’s not indexing beyond Season 1 even then they have more files in them.

I’m not running any other plugins beyond the ones from official repo.

Provide a debug log that demonstrates a source scan that disregards some files which you expect to see in the library.

Thanks guys, I was able to figure out the issue looking at the debug log myself. Didn’t think to enable the debug logs in the first place.
There were multiple issues here,

  1. There was no space left in my SD card.
  2. My shows hdd didn’t get mounted when I cleant the library. It had removed some of the existing files from the library.
  3. Some shows weren’t indexed because I had not named them properly. Once I renamed the episodes, kodi picked it up properly.

It works great now. Sorry about the trouble. Thanks :smile: