Map RF remote volume key to hifiberry dac+dsp


I would like to map the VOLUME_UP, VOKUME_DOWN and MUTE keys of my rf usb remote to my Hifiberry DAC+DSP while keeping the rest for Kodi.

The software volume for Kodi works fine with the card, no problem with that.

But I would like to connect my TV toslink output to the Hifiberry DAC+DSP toslink input and be able to control the card volume while is is receiving both sound from Kodi and the TV.

The TV remote doesn’t allow me to control the card volume and the usb remote only control Kodi volume.

I installed ALSA tools to control the card volume and it work fine with the command line.

I followed some tutorial to create a asound file or unmap keys from kodi with udeb rules but I can’t get it to work. For the mapping part, I created a 99-usb-remote.rules file but I wonder if the naming of the file may cause the issue as i saw some files beginning with 999-*.

I’m not a Linux specialist so it’s hard to understand alsa et udev documentation.

I looked in the forum and didn’t find topics approaching mine. Does anyone have the same setup and could help me?

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Yannick


Are you using an OSMC remote?

Your best bet is likely to map the remote buttons to call a Python script via Kodi. You won’t be able to control ALSA directly.


If you go threw the following post and read down it outlines how to perform this particular kind of remap. You will actually see the file in that thread we are using to perform the remaps on the OSMC remotes (osmcrf.hwdb). I assume you could probably just copy that making sure the file name starts later in the alphabet to make it load after (I’m guessing that will make it load last).

I would think in your case that the Kodi is going to be intercepting the button presses and so this won’t work with Kodi running. I once did the Kodi map to a python script like Sam mentioned above. I unfortunately didn’t keep my files or notes. I did get it to work, but it was not very useable as there was a rather significant delay between each volume press and it was just a mess to actually use.

Hi, i tried that some time ago but it was too slow because of the start time of the script.

I ordered this remote years back :