Mapping network drives

Disappointed with the pi in general… Cant map my network drives.

On windows 10 and shared my drives but OSMC is too confusing to find them.

All user “guides” i have read are no help as they assume knowledge that just have!

I am trying to learn but its hard when guides dont cover what i want to do.

I get an “error2: share not available” and no fix that i can find.

Hi David,

I suspect this is down to smb protocol version, although more details about the device the shares are on would be good.

I would try going to settings, service. Change the Settings level to advance and select SMB client and change Maximum Protocol version to smbv1 or smbv2

Thanks Tom.

Thanks I think I just need to play around but getting frustrated which isn’t helping!

OK I’ll give that a try.

It’s my main PC sharing additional drives. I’m not sure what more details would help?

Thanks for your response


If changing the protocol version doesn’t help, their may be browsing issue at play. May need to add the source manually or mount via fstab, but we can help with either of these options.

Thanks Tom.


I think i have cracked it… more of a user error (surprise surprise!) making it more complicated than it actually is!

I was trying to add a new network location, instead i just selected windows smb (which did not have the Error2 after changing the protocol to smbv1) and then typed the network path and it connected fine.

It even says at the bottom that you may have to change this setting for windows shares.

Thanks for your help!


Glad to hear its sorted.