Mapping NFS drive from OSMC

Having a bit of difficulty mapping the HDD mounted via NFS (but connected directly via USB) to my OSMC Pi 4 server in Windows.

I can map it the usual way and it shows up but is read only. I’ve made the reg edits I’ve seen in several guides to the UID and GID but still the same.

Does anyone know if something needs to be done server side to do with how it is mounted or can point me in the direction of a guide please?

Many thanks.

To be honest between OSMC (Server) and Windows (Client) it might be easiest to just use the Samba Server from the MyOSMC App Store as that one would also integrate with the automount function without any configuration needs.

There are technically two possible issues here:

  1. The way how you mounted the drive on OSMC
  2. The way how you share it why NFS

For one share contents of /etc/fstab for two share content of /etc/exports

Hi, thanks for your response. I’m not totally against using SMB shares but if possible I’d just like to use one protocol for simplicity’s sake.

However when looking at my exports file the answer was right there in the commented lines. By adding “rw” to the arguments, I now have full permissions, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Access speed is an issue as I’m intending on doing batch mp3 renaming across the network.
Here’s my exports file if you have any ideas I can speed things up that would be amazing.


Maybe something changed in the network, we suggest to check your network with iperf3. Please read this howto

The system as it is can stream 4K video and transfer speeds over FTP are exactly as I would expect, it’s just the speed of this new mapped drive using NFS in Windows that I need to improve. Any advice on that gratefully received.

I’ve followed some advice and set the protocol on the Windows machine to TCP only but this has made no difference.