March upgrade maybe failed on rbp2-mediacenter-osmc-17.0.0-15

On my Pi3, the update from latest February to first March update seems to have gone smoothly via My OSMC, but on my Pi2 (configured, as best I can tell, the same way) it produced an error message during the update saying something about rbp2-mediacenter-osmc-17.0.0-15 (this may not be the exact message… I rushed to write it down).

However, I was able to boot into Kodi. There was an icon telling me that I still needed the update, so I tried to do it again, in My OSMC. This time there was a much longer message, filling almost the entire text screen. Nevertheless, I could still boot into Kodi. My OSMC tells me I’m on the March update. There was also an extra step during boot, before it got to Kodi, where there was a progress bar (white text on black background) and it was doing something.

Ok, does manually checking for updates in MyOSMC advise that updates are available? If not, then I would assume you are current.

When I manually check, it tells me updates have been downloaded, and Kodi needs to exit to install them.

So even after agreeing to allow update, when it reboots to Kodi, this behavior is still present?

I guess third time was the charm, or as some errors do it got shy when someone else was looking, but the update seems to have gone well this time. It’s now telling me I’m on the latest version, with no more updates available.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Addendum 03/22 - I received a notification today that I had an update again, and it seems to have updated the same file again (rbp2-mediacenter-osmc). It did not increment the version of OSMC I am on (March 2017 2017.03-1). But when I checked after performing the update, there were no further updates to apply. Other than this odd event, everything continues working normally.

Same behavior here, I have this issue since a long time, months.
I usually quit kodi and run manually update via ssh…

There was a quick hotfix in the late hours, which is why you received another update.
Minor enough that it didn’t need a bump to -2.