This is a bit off-topic but is it possible to run the raspbian mathematica bundle from an OSMC installation running on a raspberry pi? I usually have an OSMC raspberry pi running and I would like to run the mathematica from it to display on a desktop. For example from an raspberry pi to my linux desktop I would run:

ssh -fX pi@ nice -n 5 /usr/bin/mathematica

What I am doing is usually not very computationally intensive, mainly checking equations, so I feel that it could run simulatneously with OSMC. However, I don’t know how to get the package onto the OSMC raspberry pi. Is this possible or are there legal issues with this? I run mathematica from a raspberry pi to avoid paying a full mathematica license for what is a fairly minor CPU load.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.


My understanding is that Raspberry Pi have achieved licensing to distribute Mathematica via the Raspbian operating system.

If you add the Raspbian repository, you can likely use the package on OSMC.
I don’t know the specifics, but I think you’d be OK if you ran the device on a Pi.


Thank you for the reply,

I’m used to linux, but not quite to OSMC and I’ve managed to trash a few OSMC installations before, so I’m a bit cautious about fiddling too heavily with it. I am obviously being naïve but I thought that OSMC was built on raspbian so I though that I should be able to add it with apt-get however it doesn’t appear to be in my cache. Do you have a handy primer on how to add the raspbian repository so that I can install raspbian packages that you could point me to please?


I don’t know the Raspbian sources.list off the top of my head but suspect it can be found on Pi forums.


I thought that the OSMC, being built upon raspbian would be pretty similar. The big difference being that the graphical part would not need all the raspberry pi desktop. The main problem I have is that I worry if I enable the rpi repository on OSMC I would make a mess of both! I can see, in particular, why mathematica isn’t included in OSMC. Apart from the size, it is also of only interest to people who: a) don’t want to run a separate raspian install at the same time; b) oddballs like me who can cope with mathematica on a small machine. For reference the sources.list from OSMC and raspbian only differ by the inclusion of the “rpi” respoistory.

OSMC is not built on Raspbian. It is built on Debian. For Pi 0/1: packages are provided from Raspbian repos; but the base is Debian.


Ah, that’s why i am confused. If I include the rpi repository in sources.list will that foul up the OSMC installation? I am only cautious because of the number of times I have trashed an OSMC installation.


No idea re. Mathematica.

Take a backup if you can.