Mausberry circuit setup on OSMC - Need help

Hello everybody,

I ordered a shutdown circuit on Mausberry website. I actually have a OSMC distribution installed on my RPi3, so I followed the instructions for RaspBMC/Raspbian/Debian distributions.(local login, command line in OSMC, – osmc@osmc:~$ )
However after hitting the line “sudo bash” I had an error message as following : line 21: /etc/ Permission denied
chmod: cannot access ‘/etc/’: No such file or directory

Can you help me solve this problem ?

Can you post the output of ls -lah \etc\

Also a link to would be useful.

Thanks yknivag for putting me on the way.
I couldn’t find \etc\ after ls command, so I guessed I was in a wrong directory.
The “osmc” directory was a sub-sub-directory of root.
So I typed cd \ and launched the setup instructions again.
This time it worked perfectly well.

So all OSMC users, please check that you are located at root directory (make sure you are by typing cd \ ) before typing the instructions provided on Setup – Mausberry Circuits


Sounds like the script from Mausberry is using relative paths which is rather unconventional and little bit dangerous for setup scripts. I suggest you consider feeding back to them that their script is flawed and they should consider writing it with absolute paths (especially to directories like /etc).

Glad you got it working though.