May update not found with manual update

My Vero 4k says its is on OSMC April 2019 2019.04-01

Trying to do a manual update now and it says there are no updates available?

Your log doesn’t seem to show an update attempt.
What’s the output of:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


I I turned on enable debug logging in settings > system

Rebooted the Vero4k, went to My OSMC > Updates > Manual Controls > Scan for updates now.

Let that run then went to the log uploader to generate the URL ?

I don’t understand what you are asking me or how to provide you that information?

Can you reboot, try again and make sure you only press the update check once?



Any sense of how to get this working correctly?

I’d recommend trying to update via the command line. If this is too complex I would suggest reinstalling OSMC.

The logs don’t show an update check being made.