Measureit power monitoring


Wonder if anyone has tried running this on OSMC? Want to plug my Envir Energy monitor into it and upload to pvoutput. Few bits to install which would use up some resources, but Im told its fairly light-weight. Drivers seem included in the kernel which is good.

Info: Measureit on Linux · lalelunet/measureit Wiki · GitHub

Should be working, you might want to use this as the starting point for the underlying stuff

cool thanks, but ive already installed each manually before I got your reply! Also blindly installed apache on default port now this has affected the inbuilt install. Any ideas how I can revert back to osmc default apache?

There is no default Apache.
I assume you refer to the Kodi browser that you can use also to remote control Kodi.
You now have two options either you change the port for the Apache you just installed or you change the Kodi port, somewhere under Settings - > Services