Mede8er replacement

Well, currently having Mede8er 600x3D and … most of the time it’s ok, really. But, seems to me, even device mostly do the job ok, there is no … it’s seems to abandoned. Maybe I’m mistaken. I hope so.
Anyway, I need to look for replacement as – for instance, for some BR’s I’m trying to play from ISO has via Mede8er some problems, but … another recent software player on PC plays it ok. I’m talking about playing relative new BR’s ISO’s. Sorry, sure, maybe it’s not Mede8er problem at all, but … latest firmware is years old, I just think … it could be!
Generally, I need device having USB ports (supporting even 8TB external USB drives), Vero have ports (USB2 is probably ok also), and is able to play DVD’s/BR’s from ISO (missing Java support don’t bother me) and from folder as Mede8er does, also, sure, ability to play same soft from NAS etc. Right now I don’t care about 4K, but most certainly I’m glad to see some updates (for firmware) appear and … don’t feel I’m abandoned along with device.
So, would be Vero 4K+ my choice?
More thanks, Alar.

I was also a Mede8er owner (MED1000X3D). I have to say, Vero 4K+ is a great upgrade from the old Mede8er. It can handle large 8TB USB drives and the picture quality is just superb! And since you don’t already have an internal HDD for the MED600X3D, it’ll just be a small adjustment.

Also, support here will make you feel right at home. Support people here are straight shooters, very capable and passionate about what they do.

The Vero should meet and exceed your requirements. Let me know if you have any questions.


Do you ever watch 3D on it? That’s one thing the Vero 4K+ can’t handle. In other respects you should be okay, I think.

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