Media center RC6 remote not working after 4.4.3-3 update

Hardware: Raspberry Pi2, USB media center IR receiver from old PC.
Ran the 4.4.3-3 update today and now my remote doesnt work. The USB IR receiver blinks as it receives the IR signals but there is no response from Pi.

Here is the log:

There is an error on remote.xml and keymap.xml

Are those files the ones that I can get from somewhere? I couldnt figure out where the backups would be. Is there a default folder where the backups are saved. It was working perfectly fine till yesterday and today its not, so I would just want to restore the back up from yesterday at least for the keymap.xml and remote.xml


Did you enable RC6 in My OSMC -> Remotes?

Not exactly enable, but disabling it and re-enabling solved the issue. For some reason, I see all the remotes are enabled by default. But this resolves my issue. Thanks.

Now only if my other issue of OSMC crashing when playing audio files over the network gets resolved, that would be awesome. This update didn’t resolve that issue.