Media Flags not appearing in latest OSMC build

I have OSMC on a RPi 3 B+. Previously I was running the 2019.05-1 build of OSMC. I did a reinstall last night using the 2019.11-1 build and I noticed the media flags were missing. Thinking it was an issue with a skin I played around with a few different ones and no media flags ever appeared regardless of the changes I made to the settings. So I went back to the 2019.05-1 build and re-scanned my library and the media flags are visible once more (showed up immediately upon playing any random movie). The flags also appear across several skins so it seem like the issue is more related to OSMC, and not the skin itself.

Anyone else having this issue?

Upon playing a movie? If you have settings>media>videos>extract video information from files enabled then the flags should have populated without ever playing any video file. The use video tags in the same section should probably be disabled.

Works fine here.

Thanks. I enabled that setting, and the media flags now appear. However, I still have to play each individual movie in order for the flags to populate for each individual movie. I thought that maybe the setting needed to be enabled before scanning in the library, but that didn’t seem to make any difference.

Actually, scratch that. If you enable the setting and then scrape in the library it populates just as you said it would. Thanks for your help!

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