Media manager running on rpi2 with osmc?

I’ve got my movies on a NAS of which OSMC correctly identifies approximately 75%. This is a problem not inherent to OSMC but rather xbmc/kodi and/or its scrapers.

This can be alleviated by running an external media manager to help identify movies and generate .nfo-files.

Previously I’ve been running ViMediaManager (OS X), it’s great but currently can’t handle my library over SMB (generally OS X seems to struggle with large SMB shares)

So I’ve been thinking; Would it be possible to run some sort of media manager on my raspberry pi 2 (behind OSMC)? (to primarily identify and generate .nfo-files for movies without ones)

I wouldn’t need a GUI, rather CLI would be preferable.

I’ve found TinyMediaManager and FileBot

The former seems to be able to do everything I’d need. Both have (somewhat limited) command line interfaces. They both rely on java, I’ve seen reports of both having been run successfully on raspberry pi (even though it seems somewhat finicky)

Has anyone tried these behind OSMC or any other solutions?

The FileBot amc script should be more than enough to deal with anything you might need via simple cmdline calls.