Mediacenter crash after update

Yesterday i updated to the latest version andi’m getting sad face reboots nearly ever 10 min. I’mrunning RPi1with the default skin
Logs uploaded:

Your log file is flooded with CEC errors, I suggest you disable CEC for testing if it than survive more than 10 minutes

00:52:49 6471.845703 T:2925339632   ERROR: CecLogMessage - RegisterLogicalAddress - vc_cec_set_logical_address(E) returned invalid arg (8)
00:52:49 6471.846191 T:2925339632   ERROR: CecLogMessage - Open - vc_cec could not be initialised
00:52:49 6471.846191 T:2925339632   ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 3)

no i did not disbaled cec i even dont how how to do it. actually my tv is turned off. may this be the reason for CEC errors?

I suggest that you disable CEC to test it not that I assumed you disabled it.
To disable check is somewhere under Settings -> Input Devices

Alternatively try to power down TV and OSMC and unplug power for a few minutes

thanks i will try this when i’m back Home. But this could’t be the reason for the reboots?

This could be the reasons for the reboot (e.g. Kodi running out of memory) otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it. Also if we get rid of that messages maybe your log file get to a size that is readable.

ok thanks. I will report back, when i’m back at home

Actually have taken another look at your logs.
So the log (actually that is the current running one) were you have all the CEC is where Kodi was running for at least 7 hours, so seems you don’t have a constant crash every 10 minutes.
Actually you previous kodi.log(old) where Kodi only run for 2 minutes might be the one that you had mentioned as crash.
There the error is

20:56:53 772.040344 T:2581591024 ERROR: streamin_bufferwrap: can’t stream in: requested 4 bytes, was read 0 bytes
20:57:21 799.938049 T:2848601072 ERROR: Previous line repeats 421006 times.

I guess you would need to enable debugging so that we know what is causing your buffer errors (could be a broken addon).

the reboots seems to happen only when the TV is on. i will enable debugging and provide new logs.

thaks for your help fzinken

Ok, so that more and more points to CEC. So first think is really try to disable CEC and try the full power down.
If problem still there enable debuging but that would increase log file size so just do it until it crashes then disable it and upload the log.

cec error only appear when i reboot RPI while TV is turned off.

So did you try to disable it and then see if it works?
Also check the other comments I had earlier.

disabled cec under settings->services->remote and no more reboot so far

Ok, have moved this to a new thread as it is very likely not related with the issue the original OP had.

@ratelutz try this and then re-enable cec… in theory, should resolve the issue

f… reboot happened again
logs uploaded: but without debugging

Now you have this issue

17:09:00 1602.372192 T:2606617584 ERROR: streamin_bufferwrap: can’t stream in: requested 4 bytes, was read 0 bytes
17:09:50 1652.623413 T:2624582640 ERROR: Previous line repeats 1143530 times.

So what exactly where you doing at the time of the crash?

Also just to ensure we have same wording I assume the mediacenter restarted but OSMC did not reboot, or?

yes you are rigth mediacebter restarts not rpi.
i was listening local music. but this dosn’t. it also appens even if i watch tv (directly, not via osmc)

There are a number of potential reasons including file corruption. Do you have a second SD card so that you can do a reinstall and do an upgrade there to check all is working?

not the same speed class, but yes i have one. i will try it as soon as i got some spare time