Mediacenter frozen after many hours

Typical issue I am experiencing is as follows: I use my Vero 4k+ to watch an episode of TV in the evening. When done I often hit stop and then turn off my TV. When I return the next evening I usually turn on the TV then hit a button the Vero 4k+ remote to wake the device. However, very often the OSMC/Kodi mediacenter app is frozen and/or does not respond to any remote control presses. I am pretty sure it is frozen because the clock in the Kodi app seems to usually show a time around when I woke the machine – so it seems the Kodi app is freezing at that time.

To resolve this I either remove the power cable and/or SSH into the box and run systemctl restart mediacenter. The box is obviously not completely frozen as I can SSH and run commands and all is fine after restarting the app.

Anyone else having an issue like this? Any way I can diagnose what the issue is and/or how to fix?


I just noticed this possibly related issue: OSMC Freezes When Waking Up (after Suspend)

Are you using the Slideshow Screensaver?

Yep - I have disabled the add-on now following the other forum thread. Will the OSMC or the add-on be repaired so I can use it again in the future?

I would suggest contacting the developer of this add-on.


In fact, it happens with two other add-ons as well that I tried. Same issue happens exactly with these add-ons:

  • Picture Screensaver Slideshow
  • Multi Slideshow Screensaver
  • Digital Clock Screen saver

Should we contact those developers?

I posted the Kodi log file at here.


Let me try and reproduce the issue


Is there an argument to be made that this issue should really be fixed in Kodi? Should Kodi allow itself to freeze up from an add-on that has a bug – or should Kodi be able to isolate/disable the misbehaving addon/script and continue as normal?

Well, if you follow that logic, if a program causes a BSOD on Windows then instead of fixing the program Windows should handle it.

BTW, I use the Picture Slideshow screensaver and have never had a hang.