Mediaplayer not exiting at end of playback


On my pi4, running latest osmc, the mediaplayer does not exit )back to main menu or movie library or tv show library) at the end of a video (movie or tv show). To get it to exit I have to manually click stop on the osd, or click forward twiceon the tv remote.

I’ve looked in the settings but not found any obvious setting that could be the culprit.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

P.S. On my linux pc kodi does not have that behavior hence my belief this is a configuration issue on my pi4.

Do you have a subtitle active that has timestamps that run longer than the video?

I do use subtitles so I will check.

I’ve seen this before, but I think every time I’ve bothered to track it down it is either a sub or an audio track that runs long (even though the audio track is silent). I’m not sure if a chapter marker or bookmark can cause this issue as well, but it may be worth taking a peek if the answer isn’t found elsewhere.

So i just tested on a movie

Movie is 01:30:15 long.
Subs end at 01:27:54

On pi4 movie player hangs at 01:30:14 (i.e. 1s second before end of movie)

I also checked I have 0 subtitle or audio offsets (i.e. set to 0.00

On Linux pc no player hang. It exists as expected.

On the pi4 the log just says :
2023-12-29 21:43:36.166 T:17821 info : CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled

So its an audio stream issue (but only on the pi4) ?

not sure. I’d reboot twice, reproduce with debug logging turned on, and then upload logs and post the url to the logs in this thread.