MediaTek MT7610UN Driver?

Could it be because you are trying to edit mt7601u, when you have mt7610u? I have the same device, and have been fighting with it myself under Xbian. It built, then said it installed… but wouldn’t load. I’m about to try in osmc… see if I have better luck.

@Mas0x hi mate did you get the dongle to work after as i have the same dongle chipset mt7610u and cannot get it to work ??? thanks

Hi, I switched to different os as I found it more useful for myself, plus had support for other functions. OMSC will support more chippers in the future, but right now ive not 100% sure what support is coming up?

I’m curious if anyone has gotten this usb dongle working with osmc yet. I bought this mistakenly thinking it is supported, but I seem to be having the same issues that are detailed here. If it still isn’t supported, is there any way to make this happen?