MediaTek MT7610UN Driver?


Having trouble using my new WiFi dongle, I believe it’s not recognizing the correct driver?

RTL8188C/8192C either of these I would presume to work, however not sure if OSMC has these drivers?


Almost all 8188C/8192C dongles are supported.


When I use dmesg command I get a red line critical fault, will paste the entire dmesg print later this evening as I’m just about to leave for work.


Please use the paste-log command to upload any logs rather than posting them directly into your message. For dmesg you could do:

dmesg | paste-log

Also have a look at the grab-logs command that was added in the September update, this allows easy combined uploading of the same logs that the My OSMC log uploader can upload, while the paste-log command is useful for uploading any arbitrary file/log etc.

Here is my log… Here

Here is the lsmod print HERE

More information…

MediaTek MT7610U (RT2860)

Thinking about sending my adapter back, unless this is/will be supported.


A bump after 9 hours is a bit cheeky!

sudo apt-get install usbutils
lsusb | paste-log

Paste URL here


Can also try this temporarily:

sudo -s
modprobe mt7601u
echo "0e8d 7610" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/mt7601u/new_id
systemctl restart mediacenter

Now check My OSMC -> Network

It may need a 7610U driver though. I notice the product ID is very different.

Sorry for the cheeky bump Sam, just really want to get to the bottom of my problems, just leaving for work now, will paste url thus evening for you.

Kind regards

lsusb log HERE


bash: /sys/bus/usb/drivers/mt7601u/new_id: Permission denied


USB now has power! However OSMC does not detect the WiFi Dongle.

You probably didn’t run it under sudo -s

All commands were run under sudo -s (root)

Hmm – not sure then


I found a git with the required MT7610U drivers, how would I go about installing?

Follow the instructions of the GitHub repository. I will see if I can pick one of these dongles up.


WiFi Dongle HERE

Hi Sam,

There is no instructions on the GitHub repository to follow, I tried using this tutorial and changed the lines to meet my requirements.

I can’t seem to compile and install this driver HERE for the latest kernel.