Medion x10 RF-Remote Double-clicking


I have an awesome Medion x10 RF-Remote salvaged from an old Aldi-PC hooked up to my Pi2. The remote has been showing the double clicking behaviour a while already. Especially annoying in lists, when you first have to skip down and up over an item several times, before only one click gets resgistered.
At on point in time I disabled the IR Option in the config.txt tweak program of MyOSMC, and it was over. Now it is back again, even though the IR-switch is still disabled in the config.txt settings.
Any pointers what else I might try?
Thanks a lot!

P.S.: If this is no use without logs, I shall upload some this evening.

I have the same remote and experience the same thing. This was fine up till around a month or 6 weeks ago (Maybe when Kodi 16 came in). I’ve just put up with it so far but would appreciate a fix too.


try disabling the lirc gpio in the settings, see if that does anything. I think I have a custom remote config, that was supposed to take care of the double click issues. I hope this is not the actual reason, it’s visible in the logs.

Logs: (I deleted my sources b/c passwords)



btw: @developers and contributors: I’m really looking forward to you guys bringing out a new skin. I think I read that you were working on a new look. I have to say the current one looks cool, but super often you can’t really see what’s selected or where you are. It’s a shame for such a great os otherwise! Keep up the awesome work!

Hi all,

so the issue with the remote is back/still there. I did a reset on the Pi with a fresh install a while back, to get rid of whatever could be wrong, but that didn’t help.

Also the default skin is really starting to get on my nerves. E.g. when downloading subtitles, the subtilte-names in the list do not scroll, so the all important info is not shown (this might be a plugin-fault, I realize that).

When trying to switch the provider of subtitles the skin shows its massive flaw thou. You can hardly see which item in the list on the left is highlighted. I’m trying to give you some constructive critique here. I mean, you guys use the system yourselves, right? Do you just use a different skin, or does it just not seem very beta/flawed to you?

Cheers and have a nice Sunday,


I agree that some cases of highlighting are not (to me) very easy to see - the case you talk about doesn’t affect me, as I don’t download subtitles.
For others, I find that the alternative Confluence works much better, and is good if you want to use a mouse as well.

The highlighting will be fixed in our next iteration of the skin

Cool, thanks for the heads-up about the highlighting, sam.

Does the scrolling filename stem from the plugin or the OSMC-Skin?
I would talk to the makers of the plugin then, and suggest a change.