MeLE F10 Remote

Hi, I don’t know if anyone has asked this before but I hope i can get some help with this. I have this remote and i am trying to set it up correctly. I can’t seem to be able to access the raspi-config area at all or what I’m trying to get at is the pi root but all it shows is osmc@osmc and that is it i can’t go any higher. Im trying to remap my keys on the remote so i can use it properly. Can someone guide me in the right direction please. Thank you.

Customised key mappings go in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ , and you can find about keymaps and key mapping in (I think that is right).
Examples are available.

Perhaps we should develop a Wiki page for this.


I have the F10 “deluxe” remote, not sure its similar in codes etc. for the other models like pro, but my best guess it is.
I managed making my work, by doing quite a few steps, and some good timespending. Here are my steps;

sudo apt-get install git-all


sudo apt-get install g++


sudo apt-get install make


sudo git clone

Change dir to the downloaded tool, i downloaded mine to my home folder


sudo make`

and wait for it to compile
When it has compiled, run:

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

and note your vendor and product number for your mele remote (mine was 1915 and 0196)

Now we are ready to find the codes you need to change the assignments for.
Now remember to change the manufacturer and product ID in the command below, so it matches your remote.


sudo ./hid_mapper --learn --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map ''

and start pressing keys on your remote, you should be seeing codes like:


Copy all the codes for your buttons and paste it into sometemporary notepad sheet, together with a comment on which button has what code to be able to distinguish the keys

Now create a file in the same dir you downloaded HID mapper to, in this case we’ll name the file


paste your codes into the list, together with what buttons the key needs to act for.
In my case, i only needed to reassign two buttons, so my list simply looks like this:


So now the tool knows if the code 014000 is received, it should act like a keypress for button C etc.

When youre done putting in codes, run the script by typing the command below(remember to correct the dir, manufacturer and product id)

sudo /home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver///hid_mapper --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map '/home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver/'

After i made sure my keys were correct, i installed cron, to start the script up at boot…

sudo apt-get install cron


crontab -e 

And in the crontab, typed

@reboot sudo /home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver///hid_mapper --manufacturer '1915' --product '0196' --map '/home/osmc/HID_linux_xbmc_driver/'

If youre having issues finding out what keypresses you should assign, look at


and find out what keypresses you want shorcuts for at

That may well do the trick, but it seems to me that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort doing what you can perform just as effectively by turning on debug (via settings), and monitoring the key presses in kodi.log (which is how I sorted out problems with some of my remotes).

That may be true, however i didn’t have any luck seing keypresses in my log for some reason.

Or with most remotes you can run ‘irw’, which displays the output of eventlircd before it is sent to Kodi.

This works with everything except CEC remotes or devices that are purely a keyboard or mouse.

That one would have been usefull, however it does not work for me - as i read, it only works for IR remotes, not RF.
Not saying it doesent, but i never manged to get irw and debug log working for me for some reason - must say that this is also my first time editing remote control assignments on Kodi, so i’m no pro at it, so might just have been me doing something wrong.

irw on OSMC works for a lot more than just IR remotes - try it and see if it works for yours.

It works for my Bluetooth connected Fire TV stick remote…