Merry Christmas, does anyone in the UK want an original Vero 4K?

Hopefully I am not breaking any rules or doing OSMC out of a sale,
but I am no longer using my original (non plus) Vero 4k.
If any member of this great community who resides within the UK wants it then its yours.
I do not want any money for it and will gladly mail it out to someone within our borders,
but be warned it will be the device and power supply only, I have already repurposed the excellent remote control to another use.


I would please. I have a Pi2 currently and have been a long term OSMC user (And Raspbmc before that) but never had a vero. Would be good for a second TV we have.


PM me your details, it probably wont be until after Christmas I get the time to mail it out now though


Tip of the hat to you, good sir. Happy Christmas!

Very generous of you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Many thanks to @Buckeye for his generous gift of the Vero 4K, it arrived today and he even refused to have the shipping money paid to him, what a top fellow.

All set up and i’m copying my data around now, i had dome this previously but as i had copied the files rather than move them (or copy but preserve the timestamps) so the timestamps were all different leaning that i need to copy them all over again as my replication software thinks they are all modified files.

Oh well, i guess just leave it running.


cp --preserve=timestamps source dest

I know this now, I didn’t know this last weekend when my Pi was copying stuff for 2 days straight.

I didn’t realise my sync software was using time stamps as part of the uniqueness check.

cp -a source dest

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