Message when a file gets enqueued

The default settings for audio files when pressing enter (selecting them) is to enqueue them to be played after the file (video or audio) had ended. But when presses enter no message/signal appears telling me that the audio file was enqueued. All one sees happening is that the next file is highlighted.

It would be helpful (that is, I would have been less confused :wink: ) for a simple user like me, to have a message/signal like “file added to current playlist” appear when pressing enter and having the settings on “enqueue”.

This would be a feature you should be requesting from Kodi. OSMC has no bearing on the function.

Looks like you are after a ‘toast’ notification, and that may indeed make sense. You should request that at the Kodi forum.


On my system this setting is actually off by default - and I have never gone in and turned it off, so I’m not sure why it might have been on for you.

I had to look up “toast notification”[1]. And yes, that’s exactly what I think would have helped me in this particular case.

I will report to the Kodi Forum.



[1] A Toast is a non modal, unobtrusive window element used to display brief, auto-expiring windows of information to a user.

Thing is, I can not remember (or imagine) that I changed this setting. If I did so, I did it quite unknowlingly, and certainly without realizing what changing this setting meant.
Life’s a mistery, sometimes :wink:

Have dropped a service request with the Kodi-community.