Messages during boot

hi guys!

Just wanted to report a weird glitch, I have these texts coming on my screen when OSMC is booting on a rpi2:

log file:

Any workaround to hide this?

Thank you in advance.


Did you edit /etc/rc.local?
Did you install any new packages?

systemd will start displaying output if a unit takes a long time to start. I suspect you have added something to rc.local which should really be a systemd unit

hi Sam!

I think it might be related to this: Auto ext4 usb mount - how? - #17 by a1840317

You helped me a few weeks ago, coz i had issues with the auto mounting of the attached usb pendrive.


Does commenting that line out fix it? Do you have any additional packages installed?

I am mobile so haven’t been able to review your logs yet.


Thank you Sam, i think commenting out that line solved the issue.

Right now even the usb pendrive is connected, so does it mean that bug was fixed in osmc itself, so i don’t need to worry about this custom mounting anymore?

If it’s still working then leave it out. Let me know if things take a turn for the worse.



Thanks Sam!