Metadata and tv shows!

Only just got a Vero 4k for the first time, previous user of Plex.

First impressions of the 4K where good.

But I’m really struggling with matching tv shows metadata, have read up on this forums and also Kodi.

Have tried renaming files with correct info, but I’m still only matching about 2 shows out of about 20.

I’ve spend hours trying to fix this, so frustrated I want to return it.

It would help to know the name of a show you are having problems with and how you have named the files and folders as well as which scraper you are using.

I suspect if we fix one show it should show us how to fix your other shows

Have you read this section of Kodi’s wiki?

If you files were named good enough for Plex to pick them up correctly the file names might not be the issue though. A log showing a library scan may offer some insight.

Heres a few examples,only killing Eve has picked up anyting.
I have tried using themoviestvdb and tvdb.

Kodi seems to scan each folder, the tv shows are displayed whilst scanning, but just goes onto the next folder. Killing eve, it will show a percetage count up until its completed that folder.

G:\tv shows\

±–Better Call Saul Season 2
| Better.Call.Saul. s02e08.mkv
| Better.Call.Saul.s02e09.mkv
±–Breaking Bad (2008)
| Breaking Bad 2008 - S01E01 - Pilot.avi
| Breaking Bad 2008 - S01E02 - Cat’s in the Bag…avi
±–Game of Thrones Season 1
| Game Of Thrones.S01E01.avi
| Game Of Thrones.S01E02.avi
±–Killing Eve (2018) Season 1 S01 + Extras
| Killing Eve (2018) - S01E01 - Nice Face mkv
| Killing Eve (2018) - S01E02 - I’ll Deal with Him Later mkv
±–Ozark Season 2
| Ozark.S02E01.Reparationsmkv
| Ozark.S02E02.The.Precious.Blood.of.Jesusmkv
±–Peter Kay’s Car Share Season 1
| Peter.Kay’s.Car.Share.s01e01.mp4
| Peter.Kay’s.Car.Share.s01e02.mp4

Regards Phil

Yes, Plex just scanned my files no problem.

I did try that log file thing myself, but just showed the name of the tv show?

Will try again, and post the results, thanks Phil

You probably didn’t turn on debug logging first. The output during a library scan with debug logging enabled is verbose.

Yes, you were correct, I was mixing up event log and debugging log.
I did set it into debugging mode this time ( lots of info going on in the top Left corner)

It’s a bit of a pain to set up as my hard drive is normally connected to my pc.

When I reconnected and switched it on, it scrapped info for Breaking Bad season 1. (So havn’t uploaded a debugging log as yet). I had previously been playing with these file and folder names to see If I could get a match.

But I hadn’t changed anything from my previous attempt.

Guessing I was refreshing the file scan from the wrong place. Managed to get another match to season 2, by just adding the year to the season folder, rather than each file. And then refreshing from the media set up folder(via settings), rather than the front end one you use for viewing? ( Does that make sense?)

This little device does seem really great at playing all the files I’ve been trying out, but I’m finding Kodi really un-intuitive?
Even the guides seem to be a bit long winded at time, any suggestions for a newbie?

I don’t even find the menu structure easy to navigate, I keep going the wrong way.
I’m not having a go, but being a previous user of Plex , I could figure most thing out by just giving it go…

For example: I was trying to correct a bad match on my Movie database due to a featurette extra.
I wanted to find out the actual file Kodi was looking at, you have to press info on the movie, then scroll across one more click to “refresh” rather than scroll across to “more information”
So easy when you know, but just really annoying when you don’t, think that’s why I ended up her in the first place.

Anyway thanks for your help, sorry it taking me a while to get back to you.( I’m hesitant to bang my head against the wall again)

Warm Regards

The match was not because you added a year to the season folder as Kodi does not read anything from those subfolder names other than maybe the season number if it didn’t pick it up from the file name. What you did was to effectively add new files to that file path (because you changed the absolute path and that is what is stored in the database) and that caused those files to be scanned again. If I was to venture a guess on what happened it would be that the scraping information for that show was initially wrong, you managed to refresh it, but when you did you had not re-scraped the contents of the folder yet. This is a common issue when someone changes their scraper but does not update their TV shows at the same time. Unlike movies the database stores information about a TV show that is attached to a file path, and when it scrapes video files in the file path it only uses that to get info for episodes. If you have a borked movie you can refresh the movie and fix that. If you try to refresh just an episode and the issue is the show info is wrong, then nothing happens. You actually need to bring up the information window for the show itself and click refresh to fix that. It will give you the option to rescan all episodes as well which you should do if it had not been scanning correctly. If you have a lot of shows to fix it might be more efficient to just go to videos>files> context menu over your TV show source, select “change content”, set the media type to none, click OK, and tell it no when it asks if you want to remove the items from your library. Context menu over that souce again, select “set content”, and setup your file type and scraper settings again, then click OK. It will ask if you want to update and you will tell it yes. This will effectively do the same thing as refresh in the info screen but for everything in that source in one go.

Try another skin, or different view in the skin you’re using. Navigation tends to vary quite a bit, as does the look and feel, and what works well for one often doesn’t for another. Without even knowing what skin your using now it is hard to say more. If your using the OSMC remote you can find so additional information on controls [herer]

Which guides are you referring to, in the Kodi wiki? I’m not sure what to say about that. I have done quite a bit of reading there and I find them to be generally quite concise. Some articles can get long but that is only because Kodi is quite flexible and with some topics they are needing to cover a lot of different use cases. With those kind of topics one normally skips over the information they are not interested in similar to a reference guide.

With good file and folder naming practices this should be an extremely rare thing but if the normal scraping picked up an incorrect match on a movie often times you can bring up the information window, click refresh, and it will then present you will a list of possible matches.


Just thought I’d update my situation for anyone having similar problems.

I did follow your advice darwindesign about the correct way of updating TV show information, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve my issues, and my claim of adding a year worked again after I tried it.
But this may of been due to removing the word “Season” as well, the following may explain….

As a temporary fix to the problem I just added the official Plex add-on and used it that way.
Was Ok, but had a few sound issues with my Marantz AV Amp with this approach.

So I finally got round to re investigating the problem!

After many trials and tribulations, I found something that worked:

Originally all my shows where stored in Folder “TV Shows” And each subfolder was a Show and Season folder called something like: “Ozarks Season 1 (2017)” or “Breaking Bad (2008)” or “Better Call Saul Season 2”.

What I did was to keep the “TV shows” folder and add a subfolder with just the Shows Name, ie “Ozarks” then add my season folders to the appropriate folder…

G:\TV Shows\Ozarks\Ozarks Season 1

After this everything got scrapped OK!

I’m guessing that having the word "season"just after the shows name was throwing the scraper off from matching properly.

Regards Phil

The name of the first folder under a source that is setup for scraping TV shows (except if using nfo files) is used to derive the name of the TV show. Generally speaking the scrapers in Kodi are not trying to parse out if there is extraneous information present. If you have /source/Ozarks Season 1 (2017)/ then the scraper is going to be looking for a show that is either called “Ozarks Season 1” or “Ozarks Season 1 (2017)” depending on the scraper used, and there is no TV show that has that exact title. Once you changed the name to /source/Ozarks/Ozarks Season 1 it worked because a show titled “Ozarks” does exist. The subfolder “Ozarks Season 1” is irrelevant as the only information the scraper is looking for once it has identified the TV show match is derived by looking at the video file name, not what subfolder it’s in. Kodi’s wiki on the subject (which I linked to in my first reply in this thread) covers this as well as gives best practices for file and folder naming.

By “sound issues” i’m assuming Plex was transcoding the audio. If you configure the client and server to use direct play then this should stop that behavior and the files should play the same accessed inside the Plex add-on as they do from a Kodi library.

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I did indeed look at the wiki Kodi help page, before and after you mentioned it:

Part of the info says this :

“Even though Kodi can accommodate the Season folder, it will ignore them. Instead it looks for the correctly numbered episode files. "

So I assumed this wasn’t the problem, but I guess I misinterpreted what it was saying.
And I did give examples of my hard drive folder structure, so assumed the problem was with the actual video file names.

But its all working now :blush:

As for the surround sound Issues, I’ve got a 7.1 Channel Marantz Amp.

I set Plex to not transcode the audio, and Vero was set to pass through.

Most of the time it worked, but sometimes the sound would be stuttering, or only in stereo when playing 5.1 or 7.1

But worst off all I would occasionally just get white noise unless I turned OFF Vero pass through.

But it all seems ok now I’ve stopped using the Plex program.

Thanks Phil

You did give examples but I mistakenly assumed when you posted ‘show season 2’ you did so in error and meant ‘show/season 2’ because I had never heard of someone using that style of folder structure. If I was provided debug logs as requested I would have been able to see the issue.

Plex will transcode regardless of your server settings depending on the situation, and from what you describe this is exactly what it was doing. If Direct Play is enabled on the server, and the client, and it can find the server on the local network and either authenticate the token or has authenticating for LAN access disabled, then Plex will open the file in the exact same manner as Kodi’s library does.

Good to hear. Cheers.