Method to clone kodi to new sd card or installation


like to backup your kodi data or like to clone that into your new kodi installtaion dont worry this simple step will help you to copy your kodi files to your new installation or another osmc device…

things you ll need

  1. your mother device from which kodi files will be transferred.
  2. a target device with osmc installed
  3. winscp for windows only

for windows//

  1. download winscp
  2. connect the mother device via winscp
  3. navigate to /home/osmc/.kodi
  4. copy all folders
  5. paste in ur desktop or any folder you want.
    6 connect to target osmc device via winscp
  6. navigate to /home/osmc/.kodi
    delete the files in the folder
  7. now copy or move the files from your desktop to /home/osmc/.kodi

you are done… restart kodi and a osmc clone is ready…

while the saved .kodi files in ur desktop serves as a backup :slight_smile:

for linux

  1. ssh into mother osmc
  2. open ur filemanager
  3. under network tab you can see ur osmc
  4. open the location and you can see home folder
  5. navigate to home/osmc
  6. .kodi is hidden so right click and select show hidden files
  7. copy .kodi folder to your desktop
  8. now ssh into your target osmc device
  9. go to network locations and find .kodi file
    10 delete it
  10. copy the .kodi file from desktop to /home/osmc/

you are done reboot and enjoy…

OSMC already has a backup tool which lets you do this


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