Micro SD NO locking mechanism RPI 3

Micro SD slot in the Raspberry Pi 3 has NO locking mechanism anymore so be careful.
No forcing (the lock is very sensitive)
Make sure that the Text of the Micro SD card is facing downwards.

see the image below:

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OK - so this is a view from ‘underneath’, with the card in correct orientation (ie same as B+ and 2B)

The RPi3 has still one there is a tongue in the Micro SD slot, but the Raspberry Org. changed the Slot from Push-Push mechanism to Push-Pull so that you can’t eject it by touching.

Which will make a lot of Pi 2 cases including the one I use unusable on a Pi 3 as it will be impossible to eject a card that is within a recessed cutout and relies on the push in to spring eject action…

That’s true you do need a case that is suitable for Pi 3, with extra slots for additional cooling of the Raspberry Pi 3B.with or without heatsink

Sadly true goes also for all with the LEDs lighted outside,now that they are moved