Hello together!

My TV-Service is WaipuTV-Streaming. On the channel WELT HD there is a continuous ticker. And this ticker shows microstutters. Seems to be a slight problem with deinterlacing for me.
Here is a debug-log: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I doubt it should be necessary for someone to dig into a hundred Mb kodi.log to find the context for the issue your having. I would suggest to reboot twice, turn on debug logging, reproduce the issue, and then upload a full log set via the My OSMC add-on…

I thought, this was a debug log. But I will do, what you suggested…

It might be. I wasn’t going to download such a large file from a third party site and try to sift through it. If it is happening reliably you should be able to form smaller logs that are easier to deal with I would think.

Please use the My OSMC system for uploading logs.