Migrate DB from Raspberry to Vero V

Dear Sam,
as I told you by email, I’m going to place my order to buy a Vero V.
First of all, I must say THANK YOU for your effort in these years, developing OSMC. I am a very early user and I has been really astonished when I forced the update on an old raspberry pi 3 running a two years old release of OSMC without any issue.

I’d like to ask some questions about the configuration of the new Vero:

  • I think to configure the Vero from scratch. Can I customize the fstab adding the NFS shares on my local network?

  • After adding my resources, can I migrate the DB from the Rasp to the Vero (seen/unseen movies, for example)

Best regards

Of course, you have full terminal access. Although you might find autofs to be better to use for your system mounts.

Yes. You can use the backup/restore function in the My OSMC add-on to migrate your database as well as most of your other userdata. The only exception would be that you should not try to migrate guisettings.xml since you are changing platforms. On the new device before you restore from the backup you can just make sure to uncheck that file and you should be good to go.

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Thank you very much


Hello, Just received my unit!

  • configured autofs
  • backup my old dB

Before restoring it, should I create my sources before (same names)?
When restoring the DB, should I deselect also fstab and autofs?

Thank you

If you backed up everything then you could just check all the files you need in My OSMC except config.txt guisettings.xml and then tell it to restore. Your sources are among these options and yes you would want to keep them exactly the same when your transfering a database. If your using system mounts via autofs then you will want to backup/restore that as well. If you haven’t modified fstab then it doesn’t really matter as you would effectively be restoring a stock file with the exact same stock file.

Thank you.
In my previous installation, I had some NFS share mounted by fstab. Now I migrate to autofs…
I’ll let you know
Thank you

Backup all files apart from GUI Settings.
Otherwise you will get playback problems.


As I’m about to do the same (mine should be arriving tomorrow), is there a particular file in /.kodi/ that I should exclude when I’m restoring?

I assume the process is:

  1. Backup .kodi on RPi 3
  2. FIrst start on Vero V
  3. Shut down media centre on Vero V
  4. Delete .kodi and copy over backup from RPi 3
  5. Delete ‘x’ re: GUI settings
  6. Start media centre again

The main issue would be guisettings.xml from ~/.kodi/userdata and from any profiles if your using those if your switching platforms. If your setting it up on a different display you might want to also remove the CEC settings from ~/.kodi/userdata/peripheral_data. Everything else should be fine. You seem to have all the steps though your going to have a tough time stopping Kodi if your spelling mediacenter as two words (ie systemctl stop mediacenter). You can also use the backup and restore function built into the My OSMC add-on to perform the task.

That’s perfect, thanks. Maybe a job for today then if it arrives - rather than needing to wait for the weekend. Will be good to be able to properly play x265 videos again!

Migration went OK - a few things seemed odd given guisettings was reset back to default by deleting the xml file, but think I largely have it back to the way I want. One thing that was weird was x265 videos were playing OK but 4-8GB x264 files were choking. I left it for a day and all OK, so can only assume some process was running in the background that caused the videos to just not play/lock up (thumbnail rebuilding perhaps). Decided to upgrade my TV today, so looks like it might be worth me deleting peripheral_data just before I hook it up once it arrives next week too.