Migrate from NFS Automount to fstab NFS mount - how to handle DB links?

Hi folks,

the title actually says it all.
I am wondering how to change the mount-style from nfs:///media/Music for example to a static entry in /etc/fstab
I suppose I’ll have to change the mount-path to like: /import - however, having a very large database (remote), all media-paths’will be changed.

How did you folks change that?
I would like to avoid having to rescan everything from scratch…
any hints?

Reason I want to do this: I can perform some more fine-tuning on the NFS link.


The magic of path substitution (evenso I prefer a Database export/import from time to time instead)

Nice. Thanks…
Didn’t look for path substitution, reason I didn’t find it in my preliminary research.

I’ll dig into it :slight_smile: