Migrate from OSMC to Raspbian - Restore Backup and Kodi Files and Settings

So I want to move to Raspbian and run Kodi on Raspbian instead of OSMC.

Is there a way to restore the Backup OSMC creates on a Raspbian install so that all my Kodi addons and settings are restored without having to do it all manually?

Or what folders do I have to copy to my new Raspbian install so that Kodi works the same way as it is currently doing on my OSMC install. I dont want to spend so much time to install all the addons and make all the stiings I have now on OSMC.

Is that doable or do I have to do all from scratch again?

You should be able to just copy the /home/osmc/.kodi directory over to the new Raspbian installation.

What’s your reason for wanting to do this? Kodi will run much better on OSMC than it will on Raspbian.

I need to use my Raspberry for more than just Kodi now. Nothing wrong with OSMC. Have been using it since 4 years now. OSMC just has too much stuff missing that I need.

Will copying .Kodi folder work even if the Kodi version is newer than the one on OSMC?

What version of Kodi are you using on both installations?

What is missing in OSMC what you want to use?

Current: Starting Kodi (18.2 Git:20190428-a94ccc8ba5)

Old OSMC: The one that came with 8.2018 update.

I need dhcp daemon and some other stuff. that is not possible with the Network manager that OSMC uses.

So on the OSMC installation, you are still running Kodi V17? I don’t think it will work well if you try to copy to .kodi directory since on Rasbpian you have V18.

Upgrade your OSMC installation to the latest version and then you should be able to copy .kodi.

That’s a vague answer. Unless what you are trying to run something that requires X windows, you should be able to come up with a solution on OSMC.

Will this Kodi Backup Addon work?

Yes X WIndows is for a WIndows Veteran like me a good thing. I failed to achieve what I wanted with OSMC and succeeded with raspbian right away. All I need is Kodi to work like before and I’m done.

Ok, I’ve already answered your question then. Make sure Kodi is on V18 and you should be able to just copy the .kodi directory.