Migrate question and DNS issue

Hey everybody,

I have a question about migrating from RaspBMC to OSMC.
Is there a way to drag my entire watch list (structure, things watched and things still needed to be watched etc.) which is connected with Trakt and my NFS setup linking to all my files etc. I did in kodi to OSMC without having to do everything all over again?
I have one Pi running on OSMC and it’s really just excellent.

One other question, it’s kodi related actually, I remember that I found out a way to set multiple DNSes through editing my network wired connection file but i can’t, for the life of me, remember where it was located…
I posted it in a topic on stmlabs but that’s long gone now haha.
The problem is that the DNSes I used are no longer in use and I can’t change it through either the RaspBMC addon or even through editing /etc/network/interfaces or /etc/resolv.conf or whatever, it instantly gets overwritten on startup (so whatever I did, I did it well, I just forgot how haha).
I do remember that I edited a file named something like Network wired 1 blablabla something like that but I can’t seem to find that location anymore -_-.

Would much appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Edit: found the last thing already, it’s /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired\ connection\ 1
lol took me some time to find it :stuck_out_tongue: