Migration from raspberry pi3 to pi4 - initial setup

There are a lot of topics like this new one, but I still have some questions before I’ll go ahead to setup my new pi4:

Is it still mandatory to connect a USB keyboard during initial setup? Or can I do the initial setup using e.g. my IR remote (standard TSOP receiver connected to GPIO)? Or my bluetooth keyboard?

To prepare the SD card I might either go with your nice osmc-installer.AppImage or manually using dd. If I select the dd path, can I provide e.g. config-user.txt to be used already during the very first setup? Your installer supports to select the initial network (I need LAN). Does it also configure a kind of initial keyboard/remote?

And my final question: To get all user settings, I would “simply” copy ~osmc/.kodi from my pi3 onto the new pi4. As far as I know that folder contains all user settings including the installed extensions.

Will that even work when you do the big step from 32bit to 64bit? I.e. are the kodi settings independant from operating system? I do guess a yes, because right now I can use the sqlite DBs from pi’s 32bit osmc on my linus 64bit os.

That kind of receiver isn’t going to work until you edit config-usr.txt to enable it. A bluetooth keyboard would need to be paired before it would work. A standard USB keyboard and/or mouse, a remote that has its own dedicated receiver, or control from a CEC-enabled connected display would work out of the box without any other configuration.

If you use the OSMC installer there is a preseeding option for wifi. Ethernet on a LAN with a working DHCP server would work out of the box. You can edit the boot partition from a PC just like you have always been able to. I don’t believe there is any kind of preseeding language options before the first boot when you hit the walkthrough.

Yes, but a couple of the things in that folder are memory resident so you would need to make the switch in the terminal or via ssh by stopping Kodi before you swap the files (systemctl stop mediacenter). Or you could just use the backup/restore functions in the My OSMC add-on.

Kodi’s settings are the same either way. There are some platform dependant options in guisettings.xml such that Kodi will crash if you try to transfer that file from one platform to another, but otherwise this is a non-issue.

@darwindesign has covered everything. But make sure the system you take a backup from the same version of OSMC as the version you install on Pi 4

The simplest way to do this is to make sure both the source and target system are up to date.

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Thus now I’m prepared for the migration.

Regards, Michael

To finally close my topic: I’ve successfully migrated all my tools used from raspi3 to new raspi4. And now I enjoy osmc/kodi with UHD resolution. It even does nice upscaling from HD to UHD.

But back to my topic: I tried to provide a config-user.txt within the initial setup image. I could add it, but it was replaced during initial setup. Thus as explained above, one has to connect a USB keyboard to proceed with installation.

Nevertheless, I chose “the hard way” and did everything via ssh, working out-of-the-box. If somebody else might try - in that case of course the locale is NOT set properly, and time is UTC. Thus don’t do it.

Thanks a lot for your support, Michael

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