Migration went south. Please help

Greetings, first poster here.

I was replacing a NUC running LibreELEC with a new Vero 4k. I was looking for a way to migrate the configuration so I would not lose any settings and I found an article suggesting all I had to do was to copy the /storage/.kodi folder to /home/osmc/.kodi.

But I had a senior moment and I (1) didn’t make a backup first, and (2) didn’t realize that this would overwrite the OSMC Kodi customizations. So now I have a generic version of Kodi without any OSMC tools.

Can someone zip up a /home/osmc/.kodi folder from a vanilla install of the 4k and post a link?

I can’t go the SD card route as I am in a location where I don’t have neither card nor reader and I need this fixed today…

Many thanks!

AFAIK, the OSMC customisations for Kodi are in places like /usr/share/kodi and /usr/lib/kodi.

To get a new copy of /home/osmc/.kodi run the following:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi kodi-bak
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

and a new copy of .kodi will be created. You can then try moving over your new configuration from kodi-bak to .kodi in stages and see if/when anything breaks.

If it all goes south again, simply stop mediacenter, delete .kodi (rm -r .kodi) and start mediacenter again, which will cause a new .kodi directory to be created.

Just remember to keep kodi-bak this time, until you’re 110% sure you no longer need it. :wink:

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Generally there are no OSMC specific customisation in the .kodi folder. The only thing you lost is the OSMC skin to be your active skin.
Assuming that you had the same Kodi version running on libreelec you may just want to change back the skin to OSMC (under settings - interface).

If you still feel not write you can get a default setup by this steps:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi_backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

This will create a fresh Kodi directory for you and your old one is under .kodi_backup

The MyOSMC add-on will be found under program add-ons no matter what skin you use

Correct. As we regularly suggest to users to move their Kodi directory away if something goes wrong, we don’t have anything important or system related here.

Let us know what you think is missing and we can help. As long as you have a backup of your NUC, you should have no problems.

I can’t find my PVR add-on (DVBlink). It’s not in My add-ons and not in any repository. Do I have to reinstall from zip?

It’s installed automatically but you need to enable it first.